• Temple of Dreams – Reminiscing on a night of magic…

      It has been about a month and a half since our debut show Temple of Dreams, hosted March 31st 2017 at Burlington VT’s ArtsRiot. Sometimes words don’t do justice to describe a feeling. In fact, I think that is what is so intriguing about music, dance, and art – they convey emotions, experiences, and

  • Vermont Dance Showcase

    Dream City Dance was honored┬áto be able to perform at this year’s 7th Annual Vermont Dance Showcase to benefit Puppets in Education. This is an event that we have had our sights set on for years, so we were elated to be contacted and asked to perform. For the theme┬áDiversity in Movement we decided to

  • Meet the Dancers!

    Meet the Dream City Dancers We are pleased to announce to the world our cast of Dream City Dancers. Please join us in welcoming the following artists to our growing company: Courtney Cunningham Ethan FontneauJenna GiguereJacqueline Goodall Erica Raff Samantha SchrackAustin Smith Maple Steen Denise Townsend Lauren Vissicchio These dancers each come with unique and

  • Coming soon…Meet the Dream City Dancers

    We are pleased to say that after a month of auditioning and deliberating we have made our decision for casting Dream City Dance. The choice wasn’t easy, as we were presented with so much amazing talent. It was a learning experience for us, as a budding dance company, and we couldn’t be more humbled by