• Maple Steen

    Maple Steen is a performance artist specializing in poi spinning, and fire dance. She is also and accomplished artist and seamstress and owner of the brand Buddhaplasm Designs. Maple’s energy when she performs brings a smile to the faces of any audience. 

  • Lauren Vissicchio

    Lauren Vissicchio is a performance artist specializing in dance, hoop dance, and more. A trained dancer in many genres, Lauren studied dance and cheerleading for 12 years before discovering hooping in college. She is currently the Vice President of the Hoop Troop at SUNY Plattsburgh, and very proud of how much that team has grown. Lauren’s joy

  • Denise Townsend

    Denise Townsend is a dancer and performance with a wealth of experience, specializing in fan dancing. She believes that dance is no different from any other art form – it can transport us to new versions of ourselves. The fleeting and fluid romance of dance is both intoxicating and addicting. Denise is excited for the

  • Austin Smith

    Austin Smith is a performance artist specializing in juggling. No stranger to moving his body, Austin learned to juggle when he was just 7 years old and has been crafting dance oriented juggling routines for 4 years. He has performed these routines as a busker on Church Street Marketplace in Burlington, VT along with various music and

  • Samantha Schrack

    Samantha Schrack is a dancer and performance artist specializing in fire dance, and fan work.  Dance has always been a vital part of Samantha’s life and has held true as her form of self expression. This passion has lead her to study a variety of forms of body movement, ranging from cheerleading and yoga, to hip-hop and Latin – Are

  • Erica Raff

    Erica Raff is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and performance artist with over 20 years of training in a variety of dance forms.  Knowing her love for dance, Erica pursued a minor in dance at UVM and found a love for post-modern exploration. Over the years she has performed with UVM in various ways, including a dance exchange

  • Jacquie Goodall

    Jacquie is a performance artist specializing in hoop dance. She has been a hoopstress for the past 4 years, and found the art through her love of music. Hooping and dance have brought Jacquie a joy that she feels compelled to continue to develop and to share. She believes in the healing power of dance and

  • Jenna Giguere

    Jenna Giguere is a performance artist, dance teacher, and choreographer who has studied a wide variety of dance forms. She has been dancing in Burlington, VT for over 5 years. Four of those years have been spent dancing with the Spielpalast Cabaret where she is now the acting Production Manager. She teaches  adults at local

  • Ethan Fontneau

    Ethan Fontneau (known on stage as Mecca) is a self taught dancer specializing in Melbourne Shuffle and Voguing.  Ethan caught the dance bug over 6 years ago when a combination of real life events and YouTube discoveries hit him at the right time. With an affinity for rhythm and music, once Ethan started dancing it clicked, and the rest

  • Courtney Cunningham

    Courtney Cunningham is a dancer and performance artist specializing in hoop dance. She began hooping 6 years ago and hasn’t stopped since. A four year member of the UVM hoop troop, Courtney also led the troop for two years. Her performance experience stretches across genres as she explores blending traditional dance with her hooping.